Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

I believe all diabetics wish for a sugar lowering silver bullet that allows a bigger helping of risotto, a larger serving of pasta, a more satisfying slice of pie or one more cookie. I know it’s a struggle for me, but it’s a rewarding challenge to discover new, healthy ways to battle Mr. D.

I came across an article on Diabetes Daily that offered “13 Ways to Lower After-Meal Blood Sugars.” The author, David Edelman had a couple suggestions I’d never considered. Splitting your meal was one suggestion. He suggested eating half the meal then the other half 30 minutes later. This is a good suggestion if you plan to eat a big meal.

He also suggested asking your doctor for A GlycoMark test when you have your next A1C test. The test measures your spikes over the period of your A1C. The higher the test number the more evenly you maintained your glucose levels according to the article.

He suggests any exercise after a meal. I usually go for a 45-minute power walk after I know I’ve been a bad boy. I follow the walk with as much water as I can drink. That will dilute the sugar in your blood. Just remember to drink the water after the walk and not before.

I also take gymnema sylvestre supplements before my meals if my blood sugar is 135 or above. I’ve mentioned this natural supplement in other posts. Diabetes in India used this for centuries to control diabetes. Some experts suggest it’s also good for weight loss, others disagree.

There are over the counter medications that will lower blood sugar, but you should exercise caution. Pepto Bismol (yes, the pink stuff) will lower your blood sugar. There is a warning on the label for diabetics. I decided to try it once when I had heartburn as regular antacids are not diabetic friendly. When I take a dose it lowers my blood sugar about 30 points or more. Check with your doctor and be extra careful if you’re on medication.

Here’s the article on more ways to lower your blood sugar.

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